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Home Image Nichols Cut is the ancestral home of the James Fielding Basham family of McNairy County Tennessee. Mr. Basham constructed the present home about 1905 on the property purchased in 1870 by his father, J. W. Basham. The home has been modified on a number of occasions and is still owned and occupied by a member of the family.

The only public road through the property was the old Purdy and Pocahontas Road until about 1925 when U.S. Highway 64 was constructed. The two roads intersected on a hillside near the home. A "road cut" was made through the hillside to accommodate this intersection. The construction crew for the road camped at the nearby Will Nichols' farm and they began referring to the intersection as "Nichols Cut". The name stuck for many years and the home is now called "Nichols Cut" due to its proximity to the intersection.

We show the "country life", both past and present, of the Basham and Simpson families at "Nichols Cut" with stories, photos, recipes and more.

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