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Cats Favorite Time of the Year!

Itís spring again at Nichols Cut and the favorite time of the year for the cats, historically at least. It may sound strange but this is how it came about.

It seems that the first green plants to appear in the fields and pastures in the spring are the wild onions. Now I do not TC Image know if this happens everywhere or not but the milk cows at Nichols Cut looked upon these wild onions as a true delicacy. Maybe it was becasue they tasted good to them or maybe it was just because they had not had anything green to eat all winter. Anyway, they tended to devour the wild onions as fast as they appeared.

Now you can imagine what the milk smelled and tasted like after such a feast. Everyone turned up their nose and refused to touch it. The only thing to do with it was to ďGIVE IT TO THE CATSĒ!

This is why spring was the favorite time of year for Nichol Cutís cats. It was the only time of the year that they got all the milk they wanted to drink.

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