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Cracklin Corn Bread

      2 cups cornmeal              1 cup buttermilk
      2 tsp salt                          1 cup cracklins
      1 tsp soda                         lukewarm water (optional)
      1/2 tsp baking powder

Mix together the cornmeal, salt, soda, baking powder and buttermilk. Mix cracklins into the mixture. If it is too dry, use some lukewarm water to make it the right consistency for corn bread. Pour into a greased pan or skillet and bake in a 450 degree oven for 1/2 hour, or until brown.

If you are setting a hen and want pullets, carry the eggs to the nest in a women's
bonnet; if you want roosters, carry the eggs to the nest in a man's hat.

Common Hoe Cake (or Ashcake)

      1 cup white cornmeal                         boiling water
      1/2 tsp salt

Mix cornmeal and salt in a bowl. Gradually stir in enough boiling water to make a stiff dough. Mix thoroughly. Cover and set dough in a cool place for several hours. Bake hoecakes by one of the following methods:

    1.   Heat a griddle hung on crane over flames. Grease lightly with melted lard. Shape dough by hand into flat cakes 1/2" thick and about as round as a small saucer. Lay as many cakes as will fit on hot griddle and bake turning, until browned on both sides. Brush griddle with melted lard between each baking.

    2.   Form into cakes as above. Sweep ashes from hearth in front of fire and spread out the cakes. Let them dry a few minutes, then cover with hot ashes and bake about 15 minutes or until firm. Brush off ashes, using a little water to clean them before serving. Hoecakes may be covered with oak leaves before covering with ashes, if desired.

    3.   Put the prepared cakes on a heated hoe or heavy board propped up in from of the fire. Brown on one side, then turn and brown on the other.

If the fire pops slowly and continuously, it indicates cold weather.

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